Mehron fantasy fx makeup black


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Width: 4.000
Height: 6.500
Length: 6.000


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This stuff is bomb! I usually steer away from using face paint because of the following reasons: itchiness or irritation to the skin, difficulty in removing the paint, or peeling of the paint throughout the night. Let me tell you, none of this happened! It was easy to apply and it dries fairly quick. During a party I was at, I was nervous that the paint would make me itchy, irritated or peel. NOPE! Not once did I have to itch my face or the paint wasn’t peeling.When applying, I used one layer but I felt like it was enough and it turned out super green. You don’t need a ton which is great so you can save the tube for the next time you need it. The only thing I would have to say is be careful of getting it on your clothes or other stuff. Some of it came out of my clothes so I was grateful.At the end of the night I was scared if it was going to be hard to take off and if my skin was going to be stained NOT AT ALL!! It came off better than makeup and all I used was water at first and then a makeup wipe to remove the excess. And it didn’t even take that long. This is definitely a face paint to rely on.

Product Reviews
I’m applying it over a layer of darker green for depth. It all blends together a bit, but I am able to get some lines out of it. That’s just how skin is and if I sealed the layer of dark green I’m sure I’d get more detail out of this lime green. It’s great, I just know I’ll go through all of it before I’m done with my costume for the season so I’m buying another tube. Wish I could find a larger size on Amazon.

Product Reviews
Went to a Halloween party dressed as Goldenface. I threw this on (with my fingers, no sponge) in a dark car parked under a street light before the party. Had it on for a couple hours in the Florida heat and humidity, didn’t crack or smear off. I did leave behind traces of gold on other people’s costumes from hugging them all, but it didn’t hurt the look of the face paint.I also have very sensitive and breakout-prone skin, and days later I haven’t broken out in a single pimple or hive!10/10 would recommend
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